Thursday, July 12, 2018

Follow-up about therapy and the use of consequences

Can I ask a couple more questions? 
Regarding seeing a clinician - If anger overload is something you coined, what language might they use? Should we see his pediatrician for a referral?
Regarding incentives - Would you stop consequences altogether? Do we seek a balance?

Again - thank you so much for responding and giving us some direction.

Hi, I would ask about whether the clinicians work with children and families on "anger issues," or an alternative question would be whether they work with children who have "repeated outbursts."  Pediatricians are a good source for referrals in your area.  Sometimes the school social worker or school psychologist know who to recommend, and lastly other parents might have suggestions.

I would recommend a balance of incentives and consequences, as each can increase a child's motivation.  But remember that they only help if the child is thinking rationally, and that is not likely at the moment of overload.  However, sometimes incentives and consequences help if the child thinks about them before he gets into the overload phase.

Best, Dr. Dave Gottlieb