Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow-up from parent of out of control 3 year old

I greatly appreciate your response. He has been in his new day care for 2 weeks (6 days) and they are doing the same things you suggested with the smiley faces. With mine and my husbands work schedule, we pretty much just wing our entire day, and the only routine we have is dinner and bath time, and bed of course. I'm going to try and get on a stricter schedule, and use the smiley faces like they do at school to sort of integrate everything at home and school into one. I have yet to go to the doctor, I was kind of waiting to see how it went at school, but I will take him now. I'm worried there could be something wrong, and if there is I want to work with him as soon as possible. I don't want to have him frustrated like this either, it hurts me when hes upset too. Thanks so much for your help!

Hi, Glad the school is on the same track.  It always goes better when the school and parents are working together.  Good luck, Dr. Gottlieb 

P.S. To see the original comments, go to the April 15th post. 

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