Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding a professional to work with

Hi Dr. Gottlieb:

I write to you because I read your article today and finally I could give a name to what I have been dealing with my son for the last 8 years .  I am writing from Norway and here in this country, I believe that this disorder is very little known.  My question is do you know anybody in Norway who could be treating this disorder here ? If not, is there someone else in Scandinavia that I could contact?  I believe that many kids in this country haven´t been diagnosed yet.  I really need to get this information to this country.  I believe that I am not alone and that a lot of families need information of the treatment for this disorder.

Hi, Unfortunately I do not know who to recommend in Europe.  Maybe you could print the article, or sections of my blog:, or my parent's workbook (available from Amazon:  Anger Overload in Children: A Parent's Manual) and show one of these things to a professional and see if they use similar methods.  My blog (see the Feb. 25, 2013 entry) also has one previous answer to a parent about picking a mental health professional.  Basically, I said there you want someone who works with parents and children, not just children, and someone who teaches strategies parents and children can use at home.  All the best, Dr. Gottlieb

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