Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Does the manual deal with child abuse?

Does your book and philosophy take into consideration these children might have ( or currently) being abused (mentally physically or emotionally) and they're acting out in a result of it?

Hi, The manual does not deal specifically with abuse issues.  Sometimes children can react angrily when they have been abused.  If you suspect that this might be the case for your child, you should contact your family doctor and/or make an appointment with a mental health provider who works with abused children.  The strategies in the manual  may still help you deal with your child's anger, but the underlying abuse issues should be dealt with too, or the emotional pain of the abuse will likely continue to affect your child's behavior.  

In my earlier book, "Your child is defiant: Why is nothing working?" there is a section that explains what to do for abused children.  There are also chapters that deal with other possible causes of defiant behavior.  In the book about defiance, I explain how to figure out what is causing your child's behavior and I explain what to do for specific underlying problems.  It is not a manual with step by step instructions like my latest book, though.  I found that parents wanted a more specific manual that applies to anger overload, so that's why I wrote the manual for anger overload in children. 

Take care, Dr. Dave Gottlieb

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