Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What to do when there are additional problems

Hi, I wanted to let my blog readers know that you can find brief articles I have written about other parenting issues on a website for the Chicago parents' network.  So far I have written about how to handle these issues: temper tantrums (usually an expression of anger overload), potty training, divorce, and most recently shyness.  Sometimes children with anger overload have additional issues, and if any of my blog readers would find these articles useful, below is a link to the Chicago parenting website.  This link gets you to my recent article on shyness, but once you are on that website you can search the blog posts for my other articles.  To find my other articles, go to the left side of the parents' webpage and look under these blog categories: "children and divorce,"  "diapers and potty training," and "behavior and discipline."  Take care, David Gottlieb, Ph.D.

If you first click the link below, and you do not get immediately to the article, a message should appear that you then click on again.


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