Thursday, February 12, 2015

Manual Update Now Available

The supplement to the anger overload manual is now available ( at the publisher's site: ). You can also find the parent's manual and update on sites like Amazon. The update is entitled "Anger Overload in Children:  Additional Strategies for Teachers and Parents."  The paragraph below is a description of what is covered in this new supplement to my manual. 
This update is a helpful companion text for parents and teachers who are using Dr. Gottlieb's manual: "Anger Overload in Children." Since Dr. Gottlieb's manual was published in 2012, he has received several hundred stories and questions from parents and teachers. In this supplement to his manual, Dr. Gottlieb provides detailed answers to many of the questions he has received. He introduces additional strategies for the home and shows how many of the strategies can be adapted for school. Some of the topics that are covered: a) how to help sensitive children keep perspective, b) what teachers can do for blow-ups at school, c) when to use incentives and consequences, d) how to intervene before a child reaches the overload phase, e) how to handle some common triggers, f) how to motivate a child to work on cognitive strategies, and g) how to find professional help. If your child has frequent angry outbursts, this series by Dr. Gottlieb will teach you how to help your child develop better self-control.

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