Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 year old with anger overload

Hi Dr. Dave!  I have a 10-year old son who fits your description of anger overload.  Is this something my husband and I can work on him at home with or can this only be fixed via a therapist?  Is it fixable? 

Yes, if the behavior is exhibited at home, my parent's manual on anger overload, available on Amazon, will be useful.  It does not change things overnight of course, and will involve work for you and your husband for a month or so, and then include your son over several months.  There are instructions and worksheets you fill out together.   A therapist and the school social worker can also help; the latter is especially useful if the behavior happens at school.  Therapists can coach you and also rule out other causes.  You will see in my manual that I explain in the beginning what "anger overload" is and what it is not.  You can also read some of the other blog posts to get ideas on strategies.  All the best, Dr. Dave Gottlieb

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